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VlexPlus variant management for producers and dealers

Next Generation ERP

VlexPlus variant management for producers and dealers

About VlexPlus ERP

VlexPlus – the next generation ERP for variant production and wholesale businesses

With VlexPlus everything is focused on „V“ like Variant. VlexPlus ERP was only designed for the intension to ease the handling for manufacturer and wholesalers sustainable and to satisfy special customer requirements with a high level of automation. The variant management was integrated deeply into the processes of VlexPlus to have all processes across configuration, planning, production and distribution of different article variants under control. So you never loose track which variants are technically feasible, how much they cost and when they could be delivered.

Towards more customer orientation and less data

Without effective variant management, handling of a constantly growing number of variants will demand immense data administration efforts, with a significant additional risk of Purchasing, Sales and Production errors. With its variant management firmly integrated in the commercial processes, VlexPlus can ensure smooth job processing and a high degree of automation when it comes to interactions between business departments involved. Comprehensive configuration policies and a sophisticated data model ensure lean and reliable processes with minimal data administration.

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Secure base

The benefit of secure investment

The paramount criteria when selecting an ERP system are investment security and future-proof design Not only the underlying technology and adaptability of the ERP software, but also by system house’s infrastructure and know-how in the field have an impact on investment security. VlexPlus will optimally prepare you for the future through its state-of-the-art web technologies, its 40 years of specialised experience in the various fields of individual, batch and variant production and its global network of partners.

Deployment of Web technologies

Flexible and open software architecture

The VlexPlus ERP system is based on the Comarch ERP Enterprise technology platform and module framework, one of the leading and most advanced ERP systems on the market. Not only is our ERP solution development based 100% on Java and Web technologies, it also offers, based on a central database, the tools required for easy and convenient adaptation of processes, user interfaces and dashboards to suit individual demands of single clients, groups or staff in day-to-day business. Not only does VlexPlus allow companies to select a range of clients, different languages, currencies and time zones, it can also easily connect customers, suppliers and partners to the ERP system.


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Greater mobility and flexibility

State-of-the-art Web technologies allow access to the ERP system directly via the Web browser - at any time and from anywhere. VlexPlus allows companies to operate platform-independent and with total freedom when selecting their hardware, databases and operating systems. Comprehensive safety measures ensure that your data remain optimally secure and protected at all times – irrespective whether you run the ERP software in-house or in an external Cloud based data centre.

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Sound processes

Improved master data and less maintenance

As variants and data volumes increase, many manufacturers sacrifice master data consistency and completeness, with the result that automatic data processing routines are left stranded. VlexPlus, with its consistent configuration logic, can ensure efficient handling of calculation, sales, logistics and production processes. Our effective data and variant management offers benefits such as consistently improved master data quality and significantly reduced maintenance to manufacturers. Not only does this save time and costs, but it also enhances your competitive edge and creates the foundation for increased flexibility and customer orientation.

User reports

Many companies in different sectors of industry are currently relying on VlexPlus as their On-Premise or On-Demand solution. Read all about how manufacturers and wholesalers in the metal processing, furniture production, electrical engineering, door, gate and frame, building or hydraulic component industries rely on VlexPlus to optimise their daily business, reduce their maintenance needs and automate workflow.

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Consistent variant logic

The VlexPlus variant logic spans all levels of processes in the company’s Sales, Procurement and Production departments. Not only does this allow accurate calculations and reliable delivery times, it also guarantees efficient handling of data, articles and orders.

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High-performance configurator

Encompassing configuration rules with freely definable properties, types and formulae allow configuration relationships to be efficiently managed. Articles are automatically assigned to parts lists and work or production schedules.

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State-of-the-art Web technologies

The open Web architecture of VlexPlus allows simple linking of Apps, partners, suppliers and customers for efficient collaboration. VlexPlus ensures that you will remain mobile and with your data at your fingertips – with individual dashboards, role-based interfaces and secure data.

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Efficient Multisite control

Multisite capability allows you to use VlexPlus for simple, effective and automated control of your processes across your sales, development and production locations – as legally independent clients and in different time, language or currency zones.

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