VlexPlus industry solution - Furniture

Furniture manufacturers are permanently under pressure: Increasing competitive pressures, more customer orientation, smaller lot volumes with increasing product diversity and constantly faster delivery – these are the major challenges faced by furniture manufacturers and their ERP software. Since many conventional ERP systems fail to fully meet the demands of orders, projects, contract and variant manufacturers, furniture manufacturers will often buy the necessary flexibility of production at the expense of process efficiency.

The VlexPlus ERP software was developed for use by manufacturers and dealers, offering sustained support with product configuration and variant management. The widely acclaimed ERP industry solution VlexPlus will sustainably facilitate the management of furniture manufacturer’s variant data, work plans and parts lists, also offering a high degree of automation in handling special customer demands.

VlexPlus ERP solution for the Furniture industry, including:
modular furniture, upholstered furniture and armchairs, chairs, tables, office and commercial furniture, system furniture, functional and ergonomic furniture etc.

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VlexPlus industry solution - Components

Meeting customer demands yet also minimising own costs – a task that often drives manufacturers of components such as doors, gates, frames, fittings or windows to despair. To hold their ground in the highly competitive component market, component manufacturers and dealers are increasingly relying on ERP systems with integrated data and variant management to help controlling error-prone planning, pricing and manufacturing processes.

VlexPlus ERP software solves the problem of increasing variant diversity by consolidating the product master data via product attributes and their values and bundling the result into just a few basic items. The ERP system will facilitate manufacturers’ management of variants, including ensuring that special customer demands will be economical to realise.

VlexPlus ERP Component industry solution, including:

garage doors, ceiling elements, front doors, internal doors, commercial doors, glass doors, sliding doors, sashes, soundproofing, door leafs, timber structures, moulded parts, etc.

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VlexPlus industry solution - Metal

Since metal workers and processors need to keep their increasing variant diversity and constantly increasing data volumes in their ERP systems manageable across all departments, they will require intelligent data management with variant logic, both deeply integrated into the ERP software and catering for all relevant parameters, departments and levels.

The VlexPlus ERP software has been developed deploying state of the art Web technologies and oriented on collaborative processes to enable simple management of complex data, including on schedule management of the growing number of variants found in clocked production lines. Challenged by increasing costs of setting up and indeterminate delivery times processors and manufacturers in the metalworking industry are thus now offered a pioneering solution allowing them to maintain a high level of production efficiency by avoiding pre- and post-pricing differences and faulty production.

VlexPlus ERP solution for the Metal industry including:

gates, facades, fences, railings, blinds, grids, perforated sheets, stainless steel / steel rollers, anchoring systems, expanded metals etc.

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Source: Mevaco GmbH
Source: EMH metering GmbH
VlexPlus industry solution for the electrical industry

Be it lot size 1, customer centricity, 3D configuration or data exchange in collaborative networks: Better adaptation to market demands yet remaining economical is a significant challenge many electronic component manufacturers are facing these days. It also, however, holds major opportunities to set the own strategic course: manufacturers in the electrical industry will be in a position to develop better products, offer additional services, address new customer groups and thus ultimately open up additional sources of revenue.

The VlexPlus ERP software offers electrical/electronic component manufacturers sophisticated rules, preconfigured processes, consistent variant logic and cross-sectoral algorithms to ensure lean data management and successful balancing of process efficiency and flexible management of production.  

VlexPlus ERP solution for the Electrical industry including:

measuring and counting technologies, smart grids, smart meters, storage systems, data capturing systems, etc.

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