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Internationality – ready for global action with VlexPlus ERP

ERP software may be the limiting factor when you decide to develop your business across national borders. It is therefore important to ensure in the selection of your ERP system that functionalities critical to company growth, such as inter-company and multi-site, multi-currency, multi-client and multi-lingual capability, collaboration demands, customs clearance and networked production are duly considered – these are crucial functionalities allowing you to map organisational changes and automate processes spanning multiple international locations.

Inter-company and multi-site – mapping business processes spanning organisations

Integrated VlexPlus ERP multi-site and inter-company functionalities allow companies to keep a common master database and will allow the representation of business processes spanning organisations within a group of companies. Not only will this simplify internal company accounting of the flow of cash and goods and guarantee location-spanning scheduling of materials, but it will also allow including the providers of logistics services as independent organisations in the ERP system and support drop shipping within and externally to the group. Companies will in this way reap the benefits of organisation-spanning synergies and of the reduced cost of procurement, warehouse logistics, production, accounting and distribution.

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Multi-currency and multi-lingual capability

Multi-currency and multi-lingual capability

Since the VlexPlus ERP software is compliant with ISO Standard UNICODE, multi-currency capability and language-independence are guaranteed, thus rendering VlexPlus optimally suited for global use. An alphanumeric, international and standardised character set is thus used, rendering coding independent of fonts. It is thus irrelevant whether the Latin alphabet or other languages or character sets such as Cyrillic, Hangul or Arabic are used as the language for display or documentation.

Convenient tools or instruments are also provided, offering customers independent editing or extension of field names or text. Primarily German laws, guidelines and Standards are included. Special functions are also provided to enable compliance with the laws and requirements of specific countries.

Project-specific customizing

The requirements of other countries may, within a customisation framework, be realised for specific projects. These options will, especially when VlexPlus is deployed internationally, ensure quick acceptance by users and greatly facilitate daily work across country borders.

Browser interfaces are available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish

Extensions are available for the following countries:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Switzerland

Customs clearance and customs management

Virtually all the departments of a company will in some way be involved with customs clearance - from purchasing and export sales to costing, production, warehousing, logistics and down to financial accounting. Fully integrated customs management systems will greatly facilitate consistent foreign trade, customs and shipping transactions required for the movement of goods across borders. Every company active in international trade will be obligated to comply with local (national), multinational (e.g. EU) or global regulations (e.g. international sanctions lists). Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism regulations, for example, mandate that all international business contacts and transactions be checked for admissibility in advance of any cooperative action – these challenges of day-to-day business demand pragmatic solutions and automated processes.

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VlexPlus ERP and FORMAT

VlexPlus has integrated FORMAT - one of the leading solutions for customs management and electronic customs clearance. The FORMAT sanctions monitor will compare relevant automatically extracted VlexPlus master data against sanctions and terror lists, also generating simultaneously records of proof which cooperation within company networks or with major companies may require, also for export controls as demanded by customs authorities.

The VlexPlus ERP system will transfer all the relevant data to the customs software via bidirectional interface, for automatic processing and generation of shipping and customs documentation, clearance papers and ATLAS declarations. This will spare staff involved in these processes much frustration and effort, simultaneously ensuring reliable and smooth customs clearance.

Network production

Networking of production plants and production sites these days constitutes a central Industrie 4.0 prerequisite, designed to enable uninterrupted communication between people, machinery, plant and IT systems, also automated flow of work along the value chain. ERP systems are a key component in this process, tasked with consolidation, visualisation and processing of all relevant data and thereby to create a basis for the effective control of business processes. The VlexPlus all-in-one ERP solution here serves as the core digital system and data hub with links to all the other upstream and downstream systems. The VlexPlus ERP software technology framework comprises a pioneering IoT-platform with open API interface based on many compatible standards and protocols to offer the industry simple, flexibly scalable and reliable networking of physical objects such as machinery or other systems.

Open system architecture for maximum independence

The open system architecture of the VlexPlus ERP software with native support of web services (SOA architecture), XML and CORBA will ensure that third party applications will be fast and simple to link and integrate. The consistent use of web technology will ensure that client-side access to the VlexPlus ERP system by companies and users using conventional web browsers will be fully independent of location. Platform independence was furthermore ensured on operating system level, allowing VlexPlus ERP to be ported to virtually any operating system. Not only will this allow companies to choose their preferred infrastructure, but it will also enable fast and smooth deployment at decentralised locations.

Smart collaboration and electronic exchange of data between business partners

The open, adaptive and user-friendly VlexPlus ERP business platform allows production companies to utilise data available in collaborative networks and to integrate such data into automated processes in their business environment.

The open interfaces for effective end-to-end processes between partner companies will render the browser based VlexPlus ERP business platform suitable for complex collaboration and value creation networks as well. This allows production companies to use data available in partner networks (customers, suppliers, sales partners, service providers, etc.) and to integrate these in the form of automated processes in the commercial context of their company.

Intelligent business partner management

By involving the staff of customers, suppliers or trading partners in their business processes and flow of information via freely definable authorisation concepts, companies will be able to increase the efficiency of their processes and create transparency ranging from procurement, via production and logistics and down to support. Predefined and easily adaptable windows for business partners containing the applications, data, fields and searches relevant to the specific partner will facilitate the fast integration of partners and suppliers. Hyperlinks sent to business partners will allow the partner convenient access to the ERP system, with restrictions to data relevant to a specific process.

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