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ERP software extension to suit your needs

The multisite capability and open interfaces for effective end-to-end processes with partner companies also make VlexPlus suitable for complex collaboration networks.

Simple system integration via Web services

VlexPlus includes many integrated solutions and modules for, among other, financial accounting, document management and archiving, business intelligence or the powerful Magento shop system allowing users to configure products in the shop system Web frontend to suit their specific demands and implementing effective multi-channel strategies.

The trail-blazing VlexPlus open system architecture and Web services, XML and JSON native support render connection and integration of external applications very quick and simple.

Efficient collaboration processes
Efficient collaboration processes

Role-based business partner system access

VlexPlus is also suited for complex collaboration networks, thanks to its open interfaces allowing effective end-to-end processes together with partner firms. By involving the employees of customers, suppliers or trading partners in your business processes via freely definable permission concepts, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your processes and create transparency – from procurement via production and logistics down to support.

Predefined and easily adaptable business partner screens containing the applications, data, fields and searches relevant to the specific user allows fast integration of partners. Hyperlinks allow each business partner convenient access to the system to peruse only those data relevant to the specific process.

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ERP software for multi-site and inter-company business

Map business processes across the organisation

The integrated VlexPlus multi-site and inter-company functions allow companies to utilise common master data and enable presentation of business processes spanning a group of companies. This enables companies not only to simplify internal accounting of cash flow and flow of goods and to guarantee location-spanning scheduling of materials, but to also represent logistics providers as independent organisations and to support drop shipping internally and externally to the group. Companies may in this way benefit by organisation-spanning synergies and cost benefits in terms of procurement, warehouse logistics and production, accounting and distribution. Since the ERP software supports multiple currencies and is designed language-independent thanks to Unicode, VlexPlus is also optimally suited for global use.

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Location-independent and platform-independent ERP

Flexibler ERP-Zugang über Webbrowser

On the client side, companies and users may access VlexPlus fully location-independent using conventional Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or the Safari browser – be it via a stationary Rich-Thin client or via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to a data abstraction layer and neatly separated database levels, not only Oracle and Microsoft SQL, but also IBM DB2, for instance, may be used as database for the software. Platform independence was ensured on the operating system level as well as by enabling porting of VlexPlus to virtually any operating system.

Not only does this allow companies to choose their preferred infrastructure, but it also facilitates fast and smooth application at decentralised locations.

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Usings of business apps and mobile applications

Increased mobility of daily business

Mobile access to corporate data and real-time analysis are crucial to a company’s success these days. The mobile solutions portfolio includes, among other, apps and Cockpit solutions for individual sales and material requirements projections, resource management, business intelligence and reporting.

The mobile, browser-based solutions combined with VlexPlus create the foundation for a company-wide “virtualised workforce” to optimise data flow independent of locations and applied systems and to more effectively utilise resources.

The innovative Addon infrastructure allows partner solutions and other apps to be easily extended to a ready-for release, Web-based and mobile overall system.

Simple individual adaptation

Ergonomics and usability of the business software VlexPlus ERP

Only easy-to-operate and fast-to-learn solutions are accepted by their users and will accelerate data capturing and processing. With its convenient workflow control, individually adaptable Cockpits, role-based interfaces and a graphic user interface, VlexPlus offers by now various options for adaptation of the user interface to suit the user’s personal work situation and to increase user productivity. VlexPlus furthermore offers e-mail integration, a job in-tray, a library of frequently used process-accelerating functions, an interactive context menu and linking to any number of documents and records.

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