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Customised production of electronic components

Medium-sized business is increasingly thinking and acting digital. This fundamentally changes IT architectures and the business models they are based on since suppliers and customers will become better networked and informed.

Customised production of electronic components

Shaping the future with VlexPlus ERP.

VlexPlus: sophisticated set of rules, preconfigured procedures, consistent variant logic and cross-departmental automatisms

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ERP software for variant manufacturers of electrical and electronic products

Whether it is batch size 1, customer centricity, 3D configuration or data exchange in the collaboration network: adapting better to the needs of the market and one's own customers while at the same time maintaining economic efficiency is becoming an essential task for many electrical/electronics manufacturers today that holds great opportunities for setting one's own strategic course.Companies may avail themselves of opportunities to develop better products, to offer additional services or to gain new customer sectors, thereby accessing additional sources of revenue.

A clear goal: to improve competitiveness

Improving competitiveness and producing products to better satisfy actual customer demands poses an ambitious challenge to electronic component manufacturers, however, unless flexibility of production is accompanied by automation to maintain process efficiency. Increased customer orientation essentially boils down to more complex and error-prone processes and more complex data management: Manual steps of calculation, configuration, procurement or manufacturing in such processes are sure to come at the expense of efficiency as variant diversity increases.

VlexPlus ERP system: Added value in the production of electrical/electronic components

VlexPlus all-in-one ERP Solution: Your advantage

Which variants are actually technically viable, which logical conditions must be taken into account and which products will deliver an acceptable profit margin? Apart from serving as the backbone of data structures and process reliability in value chains ERP systems must in the production of electronic component variants also guarantee process efficiency.

The VlexPlus ERP software uses ingenious rules, preconfigured processes, consistent variant logic and general lean data management algorithms to ensure the proper balance of process efficiency and production management flexibility. VlexPlus ERP deploys intelligent configuration and data management routines across all sales, manufacturing and logistics sectors to ensure that variant-oriented electrical/electronic manufacturers remain masters of their processes and data.

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Advantages to electrical companies

Corporate users will benefit from

  • the 3D configurator and automated data management
  • electronic data exchange with machines, catalogue portals or other third party systems
  • e-Commerce and multichannel
  • modern Web and App technologies nd consistent digital processes
  • all-round simulation taking into account all resources
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Configuration and sales in the growing range of electrical/electronic products

E-commerce integration for effective multichannel selling of variants

The ERP system features a deeply integrated Web shop, “Customer-convenience-system 24/7”, by now decisive to growth and the competitive edge and to leaning down own internal processes. Customised production will open up enormous opportunities to production in Germany. Implementation will, however, require flexible processes, lean data management and automatically generated and meaningful product descriptions. This will affect not only the final customer product but also all the other levels: from parameter-controlled (maximum) parts lists and production plans down to customised production processes. Customer demands in terms of planning, scheduling and production must be systematically recorded, preferably by customers themselves (customer configuration). Complex internal sales services and “manual” data capture via e-mail or phone will prove uneconomical in future.

ERP system VlexPlus in practical use at producers of electronic components

To the references and success stories

What customers are saying: EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG

“Since we manufacture many meters with a variety, sometimes also customised attributes and since our complex parts lists include many items for each meter, consistent variant and process logic was a decisive criterion for our software selection. VlexPlus has enabled us to make several improvements in virtually all sectors of the company, especially in development and production, including also planning of resources and capacities towards the reduction of data maintenance costs.”

Olaf Thielke

Head of Quality Assurance and EDP, EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG

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