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Advanced data analytics for enterprise-wide use

Qlik's business discovery platform consolidates your data from multiple sources, such as Excel, ERP/CRM systems, from a data warehouse or from a web-based platform.

A platform for every BI requirement - questions and answers

Provide your users with analytics that leave nothing to be desired and transform your organisation from the ground up.

What is the difference between QlikView and Qlik Sense?

QlikView is a first generation business intelligence solution. Qlik Sense is the modern data analytics platform for self-service business intelligence.

Is Qlik Sense Enterprise a SaaS, cloud or on-premises solution?

Qlik Sense Enterprise can be deployed as a SaaS, cloud and/or on-premises solution. You can enjoy the benefits of a SaaS solution while VLEX manages the infrastructure for you. Or you can take care of your data yourself: On-Premises, in any cloud or you implement both.

What data sources can Qlik Sense integrate with?

Qlik makes it easy to integrate and combine data from hundreds of sources, including apps, databases, cloud services, files and more.

What makes Qlik Sense a data analytics platform that is more than just an analytics tool?

Many data analytics tools only offer point solutions. In contrast, Qlik Sense is the most comprehensive data analytics platform in the industry. All analytics use cases are supported: from self-service visualisations and associative analysis to dashboards, embedded analytics, reporting, mobile analysis, augmented analytics and more. The cloud-native data analytics platform can meet the needs of any business. It gives you excellent scalability, flexible, open and standard APIs, powerful data integration and connectivity, and centralised administration and governance.

Create reports from the ERP system and business intelligence
Data - Facts - Figures

Report and gain insights faster than ever before

Imagine a data analytics solution so intuitive that anyone in your organisation can easily create personalised reports and dynamic dashboards to extract key insights even from massive amounts of data.

This is Qlik - a revolutionary application that enables self-service data visualisation and data discovery for individuals, teams and organisations. With Qlik, you can create visualisations at lightning speed, analyse data down to the detailed level, see connections directly, and discover your opportunities from any perspective.

Let's go!

All functionality - anywhere, anytime with Qlik

The future is today

A whole new way to access mobile business intelligence information anywhere, anytime. You can start using it immediately - no extensive training is required. Simply touch, zoom, collate and analyse data directly from the touchscreen.

This way, you are always in the picture about your business processes and can make better decisions, anytime and anywhere. Even on the move, browser-based, on all common end devices, including iPad & Co., and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - secure and user-friendly.

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Your tool for successful change

Innovative analyses for all

Our clients come from a wide range of regions and industries. The software is used in the companies across divisions and systems. Whether in sales, production, purchasing/procurement, warehousing, service/technology, accounting/controlling or in the area of e-commerce: business intelligence functions have become a decisive competitive factor in every department of a company.

With Qlik's easy-to-use, powerful business discovery platform, users gain entirely new insights into corporate data. Decision-makers at all levels of the organisation can react directly to changes and take appropriate action.

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Information discovery and analysis is not a one-way street

Integration with the ERP-world

Business Discovery enables users to share and evaluate relevant data individually as well as in workgroups or across departments. Comment functions and the secure provision of information in workspaces enable the joint assessment of results. No one, not even the user, can predict what business issues they will want to analyse and what questions they will face.

Business discovery platforms make it easy for employees to compile data according to ever-changing viewpoints and display it directly in graphical form to make findings even more comprehensible. But what good is this information if it is not brought into an existing ERP system, other open platform or enterprise networks and further processing takes place in these applications - not much really!

Business Intelligence: Integration with the ERP-world

Integrated BI Analysis Solution: VlexView

For these reasons, we at VLEX not only provide standardised statistics or so-called cockpits in our ERP solutions VlexPlus, UPOS and SWINGpps for query functions of all kinds, but have also fully integrated our business intelligence solution VlexView, based on Qlik technology. Industry-specific cubes are available for the business areas of sales, purchasing/procurement, warehouse, production and financials. A customer-specific extension of existing query patterns is possible at any time. 

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