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Cloud-capable ERP software with 100% web technology

Through the consistent use of the latest Java web technologies and the use of so-called "rich thin clients", companies and users have a maintenance-free, very ergonomic web client that offers full desktop functionality, but does not require any installation, applets or plug-ins.

Cloud-capable ERP software with 100% web technology

Simple linking and lean Clients

The consistent application of state-of-the-art Java/Web technologies and the use of so-called Rich-Thin clients offer companies and users a maintenance-free, highly ergonomic Web client that offers full desktop functionality but without the need for installations, applets or plug-ins.

Since VlexPlus is accessed via a Web browser it is also optimally suited for mobile use on tablets or smartphones. VlexPlus standard support already includes various native integration standards such as Web Services, XML or CORBA, allowing the solution to be easily extended to a ready-to-release overall system by addition of new functions, components or partner systems.

Process optimisation made easy

Customising individual processes

Fture-proof ERP software and investment security of our customers were paramount objectives of the design and development of VlexPlus. The consistent process orientation of VlexPlus allows us to map corporate or sector-specific demands as well as new workflows in the ERP system – easily, fast and lean.

VlexPlus allows our customers to align their business in order to meet market demands without extensive programming and to fully focus on future corporate growth. We set up our customers with the necessary configuration tools from the very moment the system is introduced and our industry experts remain at your side to respond to all your process optimisation issues.

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Individual design of reports and dashboards in ERP

Increased flexibility and adaptable interfaces

Employees are the pivotal element of your successful business, even in an increasingly Internet-based working environment. This is where VlexPlus offers you options of individually customising screens, forms, evaluations and management cockpits, etc., on system, group or user levels. Depending on permission status, interface elements such as input fields, tags, buttons or menu entries may be hidden, deactivated or edited.

VlexPlus furthermore offers users the possibility of compiling their individual information cockpits by defining their search queries, output columns, items, formats, sorting or grouping criteria of specific corporate data. The Add-on infrastructure furthermore allows convenient extension of existing applications by additional fields, features or apps.

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ERP-Software In-house and Cloud operation

Own server vs. data centre and Managed Services

VlexPlus may be installed on an in-house local server in the conventional way or be operated as a Cloud-based leasing solution in an external German data centre for a faster and simpler solution rendering the software more affordable, especially to medium-sized businesses.

A comprehensive range of services covering maintenance, support and servicing of the applications and equipment guarantees constant availability and an ideal combination of convenience, performance and security – irrespective of server location. Be it Cloud-based or in-house - state-of-the-art security systems and multi-level safety concepts optimally protect your data from unauthorised access or loss.

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Platform-independent and future-proof

Free choice of your IT environment

Trendsetting Java/Web technology allows VlexPlus to run platform-independent. Companies may thus choose their own combination of hardware, operating systems and databases. VlexPlus may therefore run on System-i platforms or in the Linux or Windows environment. Not only does this save costs of system rollout and system upgrades, it also offers you a high level of sustained and flexible future performance as you design your IT landscape.

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