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Reliable planning, transparent processes and smart control of resources

To ensure that increasingly diverse variants together with constantly increasing data volumes will remain manageable in the ERP system, also across all fields of application, the metalworking industry will need intelligent data management and variant logic that are deeply integrated into the ERP software, including all relevant parameters, sectors and levels.

Reliable planning, transparent processes and smart control of resources

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VlexPlus ERP with integrated variant management.

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Industry solution for metal processors: VlexPlus ERP software

Industry solution for metal processors: VlexPlus ERP software

Coping with tiniest lot volumes, short delivery times and highly fluctuating requirements represent some of the most significant challenges facing modern metal processors. Long lead times, production lines designed for high volumes and corresponding warehousing are no longer asked for in the market. Traditional ERP approaches to resource planning will likewise not generally be capable of handling the growing demands of Industry 4.0 and digitisation. Special consistently variant-oriented solutions will allow variant manufacturers in the metalworking industry to set up flexible, customer-oriented and automated products.

VlexPlus ERP industry solution for metal processors and suppliers

Open ERP software for smart collaboration in the metal processing industry

The multisite capability and open interfaces of the VlexPlus ERP solution to effective end-to-end processes in cooperation with partner firms also renders the product ideally suited for complex collaboration networks. The VlexPlus ERP software offers variant manufacturers and wholesalers in the fields of metal processing and metalworking a flexible, consistent system for optimal communication between individual areas, locations, employees, partners, customers and suppliers of the business. Industry-specific attributes, reliable project run times and high availability on common hardware and database systems distinguishes the individually configurable all-in-one ERP solution. Supplementary components such as workflow management, business intelligence, archiving and business management applications ensure process optimisation across sectors – from purchasing and sales via production and down to logistics and administration

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VlexPlus ERP system: Advantages to metal processors

VlexPlus all-in-one ERP Solution: Your advantage

Contemporary ERP software like VlexPlus, developed with the focus on collaborative processes and based on state of the art Web technologies, will simplify the management of complex data to allow control and successful scheduling of growing numbers of variants even in clocked production lines. Processors in the metalworking industry are thus, in the face of increasing costs of setting up and indeterminate delivery times, offered a pioneering solution allowing them to maintain a high level of efficiency of production by avoiding pre- and post-pricing differences and faulty production.

Many industries these days are faced by ever increasing challenges of more economical analysis, capturing, processing and archiving of data. Separate articles, each with number, master data, description, pricing, parts list, material orders and work planning, must be created and maintained in the ERP software or enterprise resource planning system - for each possible variant of a product. Not only is the VlexPlus ERP system an ideal supplementary resource when digitising processes along entire value chains, managing the diversity of variants or developing a Smart Factory, but it also offers a pivotal means of control.

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ERP system VlexPlus in practical use in the metal industry

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What customers are saying: MEC GmbH

„Posting of materials was very cumbersome in the old system and traceability was limited, but we are now able to display up to date material flows at the push of a button, so to speak. The major advantage to us, however, lies in the improved quality of the data: our staff know that VlexPlus system data will be fully reliable.”

Pamela Kess

former Managing Director, MEC GmbH

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