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VlexPlus – the ERP software for the timber industry

Renewable, climate-positive and versatile – wood is very much in vogue as a building material both in industry and among end users. It is used, for example, in structural timber construction for load-bearing structures, ceilings, walls and façades, as well as in modular construction. Wood is also popular as sawn timber, glulam, profiles, planks or as an energy source.

Companies in the “wood” value chain, such as wood processing and woodworking companies or timber construction companies, are faced with a wide variety of challenges: for example, export-related material shortages, rising costs for the procurement of raw materials, increasing demand from end customers for customised products and the resulting need for variant management.

End-to-end digitalisation and automation are required throughout the entire process organisation to meet these challenges and remain competitive at the same time. The solution: an ERP system that supports timber companies with all these requirements.

The VlexPlus ERP system is specially designed to meet these requirements and is ideal for companies working with an outdated version. VlexPlus is the ideal software solution if the existing system requires too much maintenance, not all relevant company processes can be mapped, or the release of the existing ERP provider is similar in price to a new implementation.

Using workflows to organise processes effectively and individually

The aim is to be able to map and organise these complex processes and workflows using ERP software. This can include integrating all business areas into one software for cross-process collaboration, standardising and optimising processes in all departments, and an overview of all relevant (success) key figures or KPIs (key performance indicators).

In addition, companies in the timber industry must be able to comply with legal requirements, demonstrate flexibility in terms of customised products and master the resulting complexity of variant diversity and variant management. In the long term, this can help increase profitability and productivity, secure competitive advantages and open up new business areas.

Processing wood into materials, semi-finished and finished products involves many sequential and parallel production steps. The different types of use, wood species and properties of glulam, cross-laminated timber or solid structural timber, for example, must be taken into account in the planning processes, as must the assembly of external parts or production and logistical framework conditions, different dimensions of round and sawn timber, strengths, moisture content, coatings and quality and sorting classes.

Wood processing workflows are also often complex and susceptible to challenges due to different processing levels or extensively networked production with several locations or processing centres. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness, therefore, depend heavily on digital processes along the entire processing chain. Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions is also crucial to remain effective without sacrificing efficiency. This requires not only robust operational processes but also precise mapping and control within the ERP system.

VlexPlus is the complete ERP solution for the timber industry

VLEX is your software partner with many years of experience. With the VlexPlus ERP software, these challenges and demanding customer requirements can be met – especially for the wood and wood-based materials industry. Our software supports your company in all phases of the value creation process, including:

  • A
  • Quotation preparation and calculation
  • Characteristic-based pricing
  • Multi-stage preliminary, interim and final costing
  • Procurement (e.g. log purchasing)
  • 3D-supported configuration, development and design
  • Rule-based variant management with capacity control
  • Consistently networked order processing and production
  • Production planning and control
  • Detailed planning and simulation
  • Project management, control and controlling
  • Woodworking/wood processing with waste optimisation
  • Production and calculation of co-products
  • Storage and management of timber stock
  • Integrated application for logistics (transport orders)

The VlexPlus ERP software consists of different basic modules and can be customised for your company with optional modules and apps. This allows you to take your processes to the next level, even if you have complex requirements for your new ERP software – thanks to simple system integration, role-based access options for business partners, cross-organisational mapping of business processes, flexible access via web browser or mobile devices and many other possible modules in the software architecture. Cross-organisational working is optimised by implementing the multisite feature to ensure efficient collaboration across multiple locations and companies.

[Translate to Englisch:] Perfekt für die Prozesskette „Holz“: das durchgängige Variantenmanagement von VlexPlus

Perfect for the “wood” process chain: end-to-end variant management from VlexPlus

The integrated end-to-end variant management across the entire quotation, planning and production process of the VlexPlus ERP software – from costing, sales, purchasing and production to order picking and controlling – is particularly smart, future-proof and ideal for companies in the wood industry.

With the VlexPlus ERP software, woodworking and processing companies ensure the efficiency of their process organisation across all locations and retain complete control over all their business processes at all times. The key lies in end-to-end networked order processing – from configuration in the sales process to end-to-end, rule-based variant management, coupled with capacity control and order-related planning of transport orders. The by-products of wood as a raw material can also be easily mapped and utilised economically, e.g. for energy production.

The software also supports wood manufacturing companies in the customisation of products according to customer requirements and ensures the necessary efficiency and automation of complex work processes – from small batches to batch size 1.

Other ways we support you


Whether in sales, production or controlling: Business intelligence functions have become a decisive competitive factor in all corporate divisions. This is why VlexPlus offers Qlik, an optionally integrable business intelligence solution for your company’s success.

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Interested in the VlexPlus ERP software solution? Before you even contact us for the first time, we have outlined your path to VlexPlus to give you an idea of the project steps we will take together to create your customised solution – from analysis and process optimisation to maintenance and support.

Your path to VlexPlus




Do you have questions about using VlexPlus or need support in the initial phase? To ensure that your ERP project is a complete success, our consultants will of course be on hand to support you – whether with training, process consulting and optimisation or with the support service, which will process your enquiries competently and quickly.

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