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Flexibility for more effective ERP

In addition to the VlexPlus ERP industry solutions, which with their respective extensions are tailored to the requirements of specific industry segments, the VlexPlus ERP solution is now also used successfully in numerous other branches of industry.

VlexPlus ERP software for enterprises in industry and trade

The VlexPlus ERP industry solutions, with their respective extensions to meet the requirements of specific industries such as Furniture, Construction, Metal, Electrical and Timber are today also successfully deployed in many other branches of industry. This is because “classic” variant manufacturers are not the only ones having to face increasing product requirements in terms of customer orientation and optimised customer fit, but rather all companies in industry and trade must face the need to more effectively manage the increasing number of variants, to configure products that satisfy specific customer demands and to sustainably improve the effectiveness of associated processes in the value-added chain.

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The ERP solution to match your enterprise

The standard VlexPlus ERP already offers companies a comprehensive solution to control and optimise their business processes. VlexPlus is a fully integrated, Cloud-capable ERP software package with open interfaces which may be adapted to suit specific and changing requirements of companies thanks to high performance and flexible workflow control and to the consistent separation of data and process/application levels and the user interface.

With its individually configurable cockpits, role-based windows and graphic user interface, the VlexPlus ERP also has extensive functionalities designed to align the ERP solution to the user’s personal working requirements. Not only will this contribute to greater transparency of relevant processes and faster decision making, but it will also ensure more productive daily activity. The ability to roll back user-, window- and role-based VlexPlus adaptations will thus remain assured.

The VlexPlus team of experts, with their many years of experience in the organisation of commercial processes and the implementation of the best practices is at your disposal at all times to help you find the best business management solution for your employees and the entire organisation.

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