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Are you looking for a complete ERP solution with fully integrated variant management? Get to know our business software ERP VlexPlus. Conveniently at your workplace or in the home office. Arrange your free initial consultation now!

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To the references and success stories

Digitization of manufacturing and organizational structures

"With the system change, we have created the basis for the digitization of our production and organizational structures and are also able to ensure production with batch size 1 without this being detrimental to profitability, for example due to high manual process shares."

VlexPlus ERP – Ulrich Weisshaupt

Ulrich Weishaupt

REISS Büromöbel GmbH

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Sustainable improvement with an all-round view

"VlexPlus not only simplifies our production control in the long term, but also gives us a 360 ° view of our orders and processes thanks to integrated production data acquisition and continuous processes."

VlexPlus ERP – Stephan Geiger

Stephan Geiger


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Flexible and efficient configuration process

“With the help of the integrated VlexPlus configurator, we can now put together our doors and gates for each customer with just a few clicks of the mouse. Quotations can be created very quickly and effortlessly on the basis of and without searching for the respective article numbers, or they can be easily adapted using the configurator. This not only makes the entire configuration process extremely efficient, but also very flexible. "

VlexPlus ERP – Roland Kaiser

Roland Kaiser

TBS Torbau Schwaben GmbH

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