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On the road to digitalisation with VlexPlus ERP

With VlexPlus ERP, medium-sized businesses are choosing a flexible and future-proof ERP software. Tailored to the requirements of the user and with many years of experience in variant production. Simplify your communication and cross-company collaboration now. Your path to more productivity, cost savings and competitiveness.

Your way to the ERP software solution VlexPlus


A joint workshop first of all determines and analyses paramount company requirements in terms of processes, functions, applied technologies, project management and project planning. Existing infrastructures and future demands are taken into account here and optimal approaches to solutions are furthermore discussed and analysed in terms of the effectiveness of their implementation in parameterisation and customisation processes.


The detailed concept or specifications compiled based on the analysis ultimately documents the services and duties of the service provider. The project phase also includes calculation of the cost of services provided in the course of installation and detailed project scheduling.

Process optimisation

To ensure the success of the ERP project and guarantee optimal interaction of business processes, the potential for optimisation and automation of important processes is closely examined prior to installation. This is followed by determining the extent to which individual customised processes will be assumed by VlexPlus or the extent to which existing best practices of the VlexPlus industry solutions will be deployed.

Concept / Planning

With VlexPlus, you are free to select the business model of your choice (buy or lease) and your server location (in-house or in the Cloud in the German data centre). We will, together with our infrastructure experts, develop your most favourable and coherent solution concept to satisfy your individual demands and existing infrastructure the best way possible. As a full range provider we offer you all your services under one roof, whatever you prefer.

Configuration / Implementation

Data transfer from legacy systems to VlexPlus is followed by customised software configuration and parameterisation, connection of sub-systems or development of dedicated interfaces, to be concluded with extensive testing of the software. “Scrum”, as a consistently incremental and iterative procedure which also guarantees fast rollout, will be used for project management and development.

Training, service and support

We can offer training for key users and administrators as required, normally beginning at the same time the implementation phase starts. Short communication channels: For support during ongoing operations, our customers have direct and personal access to highly qualified staff in the responsible development departments. VlexPlus furthermore offers customers a Web-based ticket system to view the current processing status and the specific responsibilities at all times. Your designated VlexPlus contact persons, fully familiar with your processes, are responsible for Managed Services in the data centre as well.

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