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From ERP to Industry 4.0: Our blog for digital transformation in industry

Our blog offers you valuable insights, practical tips and exciting use cases on the topic of "ERP software". Discover how you can maximise your business success with VlexPlus ERP.

Mobile ERP

Mobile access to company data in real time is today a routine part of everyday business life for many companies. In order to ensure smooth workflows within the company’s own work environment, a high level of information and process transparency, short decision-making paths and fast response times are required.

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Automated reporting for Qlik Apps

Revolutionary reporting: Automated, customised reports without installations. Unlimited users, seamless Active Directory integration and security standards. With management and repository APIs and included Qlik Dashboards.

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ERP "Industry 4.0"

Germany is one of the leading industrial nations worldwide and a market leader in many sectors of industry. But the competition never sleeps. Intensive international rivalry between European nations and rapidly growing emerging economies is constantly increasing pressure on German companies to improve their own competitiveness.

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Digitization of production

Digitisation and worldwide networking of systems and processes along the value-added chain will not only present new challenges to IT and ERP systems but will also offer production companies considerable future potential and degrees of freedom.

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Optimization of logistics and SCM

Ever more manufacturing companies - in their efforts to acquire new customer groups and remain competitive into the future - are faced with the challenge of orienting their products and services to ever more specific customer requirements.

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IoT integration in the ERP

Next to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and blockchain (cryptographic linking of datasets) the IoT (Internet of Things) constitutes another key technology that sustainably revolutionises our IT and increasingly also our Cloud-based working environments.

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