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Integrated VlexPlus ERP software worlds

Ever more manufacturing companies - in their efforts to acquire new customer groups and remain competitive into the future - are faced with the challenge of orienting their products and services to ever more specific customer requirements. This means that ERP systems will be expected to manage more product variants, product data, pricing calculations, configuration logics, parts lists and work schedules. Not only will this push many ERP systems to their limits, it will also complicate the task of supply chain management.

ERP software with integrated logistics processes

Optimisation of Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Increasing pressures of cost together with decreasing depth of manufacture and simultaneously smaller batch sizes are forcing many manufacturing companies to reduce their cost of transport and logistics and to flexibly adapt their transport structures to match changing requirements. The optimisation of internal processes from planning, via production and down to logistics will thus be an overarching requirement if efficiency must be maintained even as the complexity of processes increases and to also prepare for Industry 4.0 automated process chains.

Digitisation of Production and logistics will offer manufacturing companies exciting potential and degrees of freedom. Reliable scheduling and planning will be required in industries such as furniture productionconstruction elementsmetal processing or wood processing in particular, where production will often be to order and finished products will not be stored.

Scheduling must thus ensure that production capacities will be fully exploited and that production lines will at all times be evenly utilised. Intelligent planning and control of transportation must simultaneously ensure that manufactured goods will be stored for minimum periods before loading and direct delivery.

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VlexPlus: ERP with transparency and reliability

Transparent workflows and reliable control of customer order processes across entire supply chains these days constitute central elements of successful and growth-oriented planning of production and sales. Deeply integrated ERP, planning and distribution system processes are required if the entire process chain between production and distribution logistics is to be optimised.

The VlexPlus range of solutions constitute a complete ERP solution that already includes a wide spectrum of modules and functions designed to facilitate company order processing and production and transport planning. The basic modules of VlexPlus ERP include, among other: 

  • Warehouse logistics management
  • Scheduling management
  • Shipping management
  • Procurement management
  • Relationship management
  • Business integration system

Holistic solution processes with VlexPlus ERP and extensions

VLEX also offers optional route planning modules and its V-Log shipment software offering manufacturing companies flexible planning and effective use of resources across all stages of production right down to goods dispatch. VLEX's range of services in the field of SCM, planning and logistics is rounded off by the flexis ProfiTour flexible scheduling system for complex logistical and detail planning. The flexis portfolio of solutions is based on cloud-enabled architecture and is fully integrable into the VlexPlus range of ERP solutions.

Whilst many industrial companies will find the range of VlexPlus ERP software in the fields of production and transport planning perfectly adequate for order processing, some manufacturers will have special needs for detailed planning of customer orders. Manufacturing companies must, especially in critical supply situations, ensure reliable short-, medium- and long-term material supply in anticipation of future orders.

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VlexPlus ERP

Planning and optimisation of transport and logistics as needed

VLEX can offer manufacturers its flexis ProfiTour software for comprehensive simulation of what-if scenarios, presenting immediate plans to cover various levels of planning and all production and transport processes, designed to handle operating process disruptions or change, e.g. in the event of massive increases in incoming orders or production downtimes due to resource bottlenecks. Integrated planning of production capacities and throughput will ensure that all existing machinery, staff and infrastructure capacities will remain dynamically and realistically planned and scheduled in the event of short-term production order changes.

The ProfiTour planning and distribution system will here handle procurement or distribution from one or more depots, multi-stage transportation and consolidation via transfer points or decentralised scheduling of transportation between associated works.

Processes in several logistics and production networks may also be optimised not only in stages, but also in parallel as per individual requirements, thereby to optimise the coordination of sales, production and logistics during order processing.

Individual and challenging planning strategies, such as networking with external logistics partners, inclusion of additional transportation networks or flexible adjustments to general routing plans, will now be convenient and reliable to implement.

flexis Transportation Planning & Scheduling App

The flexis Transportation Planning & Scheduling App will allow companies to include planning and control of materials in order to flexibly organise and optimise planning to suit specific conditions. Routes may thus be planned taking into account, among other, optimised numbers of vehicles, travelling frequencies, utilisation of capacities or delivery times.

Optimum allocation, utilisation of storage areas and accurate planning of loading volumes will sustainably lower the cost of transportation in flexible transportation networks along the entire supply chain. A slot booking service will balance the different areas taking into account dynamic requirements, whilst scheduling across-works will maintain balanced levels of stock. Automated procedures calculate the optimum planning steps based on data and objectives to ensure reliable daily organisation of operational logistics.

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