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Manufacturers of components are using lean variant processes

Meeting customer demands yet also minimising own costs – a task that often drives manufacturers of components such as doors, gates, frames, fittings or windows to despair. To hold their ground in the highly competitive component market, component manufacturers and dealers are increasingly relying on ERP systems with integrated data and variant management.

ERP software with smart variant configurator for manufacturers of construction elements.
Challenge: Customised production

ERP software with smart variant configurator for manufacturers of construction elements.

Variant configurators in ERP software are of particular significance here: Medium-sized component manufacturers and dealers are faced with the challenge of meeting individual customer demands – even when volumes are low. To many companies in the component industry this appears virtually impossible, yet this is the only viable option for survival in the face of constantly growing competition.

Intelligent variant management is indispensable to meeting the challenge of less depth of manufacture with simultaneously higher variant diversity – and this in the face of constantly increasing data volumes. Complex, error-prone planning, calculation and manufacturing processes cannot be reliably controlled without ERP processes with deep embedded variant configurators. High degrees of automation and close interaction with business departments will entail minimal data maintenance, thus saving considerable time and ensuring the commensurate high quality of data.

VlexPlus ERP system: Advantages to the manufacture of components

VlexPlus all-in-one ERP Solution: Your advantage

The Web-based VlexPlus ERP software with integrated variant management and open Industry 4.0 collaboration network structures will offer manufacturers of components, doors, gates, windows and fittings future-proof solutions. VlexPlus ERP software solves increasing variant diversity problems by consolidating the product master data of all variants via product properties and product property attributes, then bundling these into a few basic products.

The ERP system will considerably assist component manufacturers and dealers in their handling of variants, thus enabling them to effectively satisfy even special customer demands with a high degree of automation. Manufacturers will thus be able to assess the technical feasibility of variants, their delivery time and economic viability.

Powerful ERP through technical up-to-dateness

Efficiency through technical up-to-dateness

The latest version of the ERP solution, VlexPlus 6.0, was launched in 2019. The comprehensive VlexPlus ERP industry solution update included especially improved variant configurator capabilities and planning algorithms for production control. In addition to optimised operating features and the master data applications, the number of possible variant processes was also clearly increased. The options for CAD and 3D graphic representations were also significantly extended.

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Consistent product configurator for configuring components

The Variantconfigurator – Centerpiece of the VlexPlus ERP-Software

The highly developed variant configurator is the reason why VlexPlus ERP software today allows us to fully automate actually quite complex variant management. The variant logic covers all sales, procurement and manufacturing processes, offering hitherto unheard of manufacturing options whilst also significantly reducing the cost of capturing and maintenance of product master data, parts lists, work schedules and pricing via VlexPlus ERP.

The ERP solution will also in support of external production processes (“extended workbench”) offer central feedback and overview of statuses, thereby enabling constant monitoring and control of production orders. ERP already provides the data required to link in providers of services and installation, thus allowing component installers to start planning much earlier and to advise end customers of dispatch schedules.

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Furthermore, an individually definable calculation scheme that shows contribution margins at both order and item level provides manufacturers of construction elements with an important tool for determining the profitability of even very complex orders at an early stage. For reliable delivery date calculation, the VlexPlus ERP system provides an easy-to-use simulation tool that takes into account all available materials, machines and production resources.

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