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ERP software for the manufacturing industry: VlexPlus

The VlexPlus ERP software solution provides the necessary basis for meeting the the growing requirements for customer-orientated production, manufacturing in medium-sized companies.

Economical variant production: Increase efficiency and reduce costs

In order to gain more market share, medium-sized companies must become more customer-orientated in their production. An important point here is that the costs remain acceptable from the customer's point of view.

This means that companies have to coordinate several tasks at the same time: Producing the large number of variants cost-efficiently, optimally utilising the available resources and meeting the agreed delivery dates. However, this is where many manufacturers quickly reach their limits - both in terms of business management and production technology.

The restrictions and the associated disadvantages can be particularly noticeable if your production is not consistently variant-orientated. This can result in higher costs than planned, as each variant requires individual processes, materials and resources. In addition, inefficient processes often lead to longer lead times and delays in delivery dates. Product quality control can become more difficult and the increasing complexity of production can be difficult to manage.

This means that to overcome these challenges, you need end-to-end variant logic in your ERP system. This allows you to efficiently map the entire production process and ensure the controlling of variant management using parameters such as costs, production complexity, deadlines and quality.

A modern ERP solution makes your company fit for the future in the age of digital transformation and automation.

Success Stories and References

Consistent variant management in the ERP-System across departments

Consistent variant management in the ERP-System across departments

The customer is king – today more than ever. Whoever can realise individual customer wishes quickly, efficiently and in a commercially viable way has a clear competitive advantage. As a result: The number of variants is increasing, the quantities are decreasing, all the way to the so-called batch size 1.

For the manufacturer, however, the plus in flexibility in production often comes at the expense of efficiency. Learn how to manage customer requests in the ERP system with infinite variety and how a consistent variant logic across the entire quotation, planning and production process ensures automated order processing.

Automated variant management in VlexPlus ERP


Open software architecture: Expanding ERP system according to individual needs

The browser-based business software VlexPlus not only has numerous integrated solutions and modules, including financial accounting, document management (DMS) and audit-proof archiving. The VlexPlus ERP system is also characterised by a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and a powerful webshop system.

The future-oriented, open system architecture of the VlexPlus ERP software with its native support of web services (SOA architecture), XML, CORBA or REST makes it possible to connect and integrate third-party applications very quickly and easily. For data imports and exports, a BIS tool (Business Integration Services) is already available as standard.

Open software architecture for efficent collaboration processes

Web client without installation, applets or plug-ins
Future viability and investment security

Through the consistent use of the latest Java web technologies and the use of so-called “rich thin clients”, companies and users have a maintenance-free, very ergonomic and platform-independent web client that offers full desktop functionality but does not require any installation, applets or plug-ins. The VlexPlus ERP system is accessed via a web browser and is thus also optimally suited for mobile use of the ERP software on tablets or smartphones.

The VlexPlus ERP software for variant manufacturers already supports various integration standards in the standard version, so that the solution can be easily extended to include new functions, components or even partner systems and become a ready-to-release overall system.

Future security and flexibility in the IT organisation

Mobile access to company data in real time

Mobile access to company data in real time

Mobile access to company data in real time is now a routine part of everyday business life for many companies. The mobile solution portfolio of VLEX already includes apps and cockpit solutions for individual sales and material requirements forecasts, resource management, business intelligence evaluations and commercial reporting. 

In addition, VLEX also enables its customers to develop mobile business apps, which – as a modular system based on the engomo technology platform – can be tailored to the individual requirements of its customers without any programming effort. In the sense of a company-wide “virtualized workforce”, the mobile VLEX apps can also be developed and operated completely independently of VlexPlus ERP.

Mobile ERP and mobile business apps for every need

Secure investment. Powerful. Modern.
Modules & Apps in VlexPlus ERP

The VlexPlus ERP software was designed and developed from the ground up on the basis of state-of-the-art web technologies. Therefore, already in its architecture, it offers a wealth of functions and elements that support today’s business world and its processes much better than most ERP systems available on the market.

Suitably combined and optimised for industrial companies, these processes form the backbone of your business. You can find out which basic modules and apps are already included in the VlexPlus ERP standard version and which ones are available as options in our VlexPlus ERP module overview.

VlexPlus modules and apps at a glance

Using ERP software abroad
Internationality: Ready for global action with VlexPlus ERP

ERP software may be the limiting factor when you decide to develop your business across national borders. It is therefore important to ensure in the selection of your ERP system that functionalities critical to company growth, such as inter-company and multi-site, multi-currency, multi-client and multi-lingual capability, collaboration demands, customs clearance and networked production are duly considered – these are crucial functionalities allowing you to map organisational changes and automate processes spanning multiple international locations.

Internationality: Mapping transnational processes with VlexPlus ERP

Business Intelligence
Modern data analysis company-wide

Business Intelligence

Whether in sales, production, purchasing/procurement, warehousing, service/technology, accounting/controlling or in the area of e-commerce: Business intelligence functions have become a decisive competitive factor in every department of a company. 

Qlik’s Business Discovery platform consolidates your data from multiple sources, such as Excel, ERP/CRM systems, from a data warehouse or from a web-based platform. Business Discovery enables users to share and evaluate relevant data individually as well as in workgroups or across departments. Comment functions and the secure provision of information in workspaces enable the joint assessment of results.

Advanced data analytics accessible across the enterprise

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