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VlexPlus modules and apps at a glance

VlexPlus has been designed and developed from the ground up. Therefore, already in its architecture, it offers a wealth of functions and elements that support today's business world and its processes much better than most ERP systems available on the market.

  • VlexPlus ERP Basic modules

    • Base system, system engine
    • Procurement management
    • Relationship management
    • Business integration system
    • Compliance management
    • Scheduling management
    • Documentation management
    • Accounting
      • Financial accounting
      • Assets accounting
      • Controlling
      • eBilanz
      • eConnect
    • Trade pricing
    • Pricing management
    • Warehouse logistics management
    • Storage location control
    • Multi-site architecture
    • Output management
    • Project management incl. time recording
    • Report management
    • Service management
    • Statistics management
    • Languages: German, English
    • Variant management
      • Product pricing
      • Product configurator
      • Production management
    • Dispatch management
    • Contract management
    • Sales management
    • Sales management
    • Time recording
  • Optional modules and apps

    • Bank data importation
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Cockpit applications
    • E-Commerce
    • E-mail Client integration
    • E-invoice, ZUGFeRD
    • Export management, customs
    • Graphics (CAD)
    • Industry
      • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
      • Production Data Capture (PDC)
      • Detailed planning (FPLAN)
      • Machine data acquisition (MDA)
    • Link to catalogues
    • Credit insurance
    • Country versions
    • Liquidity management
    • Mobile applications
    • Multichannel sales
    • Forecasting methods
    • Quality management (QA)
    • Link to scanner
    • Languages
    • Phone integration (CTI)
    • Route planning
    • Dispatch software V-Log

VlexPlus ERP: Take your processes to the next level!

Do you want to avoid high set-up costs, vague delivery times, deviations between preliminary and final pricing, faulty designs and time-consuming data maintenance? VLEX is your perfect contact in the field of future-proof ERP software

We look forward to consult with you personally on all the functions our ERP solution can offer and we will be at your side when you implement your system. We look forward to your enquiry and to getting to know you and your company!

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