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Integrated Variant Management

Individual customer wishes are already part of everyday life today. But only those who are able to implement them efficiently and profitably can survive in the competition for new customers in the long term.

Quickly and efficiently implementing customer requirements

The customer is king - today more than ever. Whether it's a piece of furniture, a perforated sheet or a door with special equipment: those who can realise individual customer wishes quickly, efficiently and in a commercially sensible way have a clear competitive advantage.

The result: the number of variants is increasing, the quantities are decreasing, all the way to the so-called batch size 1. For the producer, however, the plus in flexibility in production often comes at the expense of efficiency. Data volume, product configuration, calculation, process planning and invoicing quickly become unmanageable because the previous ERP software does not keep up sufficiently.

For precisely this challenge, the VlexPlus business software offers a modern solution especially for manufacturers with high demands on the subject of "variants".

Encompassing variant logic for automated job processing

Encompassing variant logic for automated job processing

Although most conventional ERP and PPC systems are capable of projecting variants via master data modifications, they will lack consistency across the entire quotation, planning and manufacturing process. Intelligent and firmly integrated variant management is required to render the growing data volume controllable across departments. VlexPlus has a trendsetting variant logic spanning all levels, from calculation via sales, purchasing and manufacturing up to controlling. Manufacturers can in this way prevent high set-up costs, incorrect delivery times, deviations between pre- and post-calculations, faulty designs or complex data maintenance from degrading their daily business to crisis management.

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ERP 4.0: Process efficiency in variant production

Lean working processes and sustainable cost savings

Constantly growing data volumes will diminish master data consistency and completeness, with the result that automatic data processing routines are left stranded. With its intelligent and consistent configuration logics VlexPlus ensures

  • efficient handling of calculations, sales, logistics and production
  • effective data and variant management through effective improvement of master data quality and reduced maintenance
  • improved competitiveness and new sales potentials through customer orientation
  • reliable preliminary calculations and accurate delivery dates
  • cost savings by avoiding wrong configurations and incorrect orders

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