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ERP software used in furniture manufacture: Variant management – the success factor

German furniture manufacturers are under permanent pressure: More competition from abroad, more customer orientation, smaller lot sizes with increasing product diversity and demands for faster delivery – these are the major challenges furniture manufacturers and their ERP software are facing today.

Efficient data management and smart variant management
Futureproof Solutions

Efficient data management and smart variant management

Since many classic ERP systems are only partially tailored to the current requirements of order, project, individual or variant manufacturers in the collaboration networks of Industry 4.0, furniture manufacturers often buy the necessary flexibility in production at the expense of a lack of efficiency in the processes. The result will be pressure on pricing and competitive edge – a vicious circle.

Yet precisely the increasing digitisation promises opportunities of improving our competitive edge by taking action that will render processes more transparent and improve customer orientation.

Complex manufacturing processes such as those found in the timber, metal processing and furniture industries will require variant-oriented process logic in the IT department, also automated data management and variant management to ensure that costs, complexity and quality are successfully controlled. Only companies able to economically control increasing variant diversity with simultaneously decreasing order volumes will be in a position to increase their market value.

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VlexPlus ERP system: Advantages to the furniture industry

VlexPlus all-in-one ERP Solution: Your advantage

Individual customer demands represent a sustainable competitive advantage to furniture manufacturers – provided they have the ability to realise these quickly, efficiently and commercially sound. Because - if the number of variants increases and volumes decrease, then the efficiency of furniture manufacturers will certainly decrease. Data volumes, product configuration, calculation, process planning and accounting quickly get out of hand since conventional ERP software applications are often overstrained.

Tailored ERP software, adapted to the furniture manufacturer’s individual needs, offers competitive advantages. VLEXsoftware+consulting gmbh has developed Business ERP software with its VlexPlus, designed specifically to sustainably facilitate product configuration and handling of variants for manufacturers and dealers. Special customer demands can in this way be efficiently met using a high degree of automation. The advantage: All processes concerning configuration, planning and distribution of the most diverse product variants remain under control.

Industry solution for furniture manufacturers: VlexPlus ERP software
Industry solution for furniture manufacturers

Industry solution for furniture manufacturers: VlexPlus ERP software

Thanks to consistent variant logic, furniture manufacturers and furniture dealers can always oversee which options can be technically implemented, what the costs are and when they can be delivered. Variant management has been deeply integrated in all commercial areas of VlexPlus ERP, making the ERP software the basis for safe investment and a customer-oriented, future-proof company. Furniture manufacturers can face the future into the digital age with secure investment thanks to the use of state of the art Web technologies, 40 years of industry expertise and a global partner network.

VlexPlus is all about variants. As a widely acclaimed ERP software and industry solution, VlexPlus sustainably renders handling of variant data, workplans and parts lists easier for furniture manufacturers whilst also meeting special customer requirements with a high degree of automation.

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