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Metal processor MEVACO has a new Web-ERP to optimise its European intercompany business

With a staff complement of 135 and a turnover of approx. 60 million Euro, MEVACO is Europe’s leading supplier of expanded metals, perforated metal sheets, woven wire mesh and welded mesh. The product range is continuously extended and includes standard products as well as individually configurable products with accessories. With its seven locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary and Poland and further distribution partners in Scandinavia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and in the Baltic States, MEVACO has in excess of 20 000 customers in Europe today.

Initial situation

Heterogeneous database structures with extensive maintenance effort

Although the past ERP system in many instances linked the numerous MEVACO subsidiaries and distribution companies, the system could not uniformly link foreign companies to a central database, therefore requiring many separate data silos. This unnecessarily complicated not only intercompany order processing. The administrative effort required to manage the various databases and data stored at MEVACO also increased steadily until MD Stephan Geiger decided in 2014 to introduce new ERP software with international capability based on a single database for all MEVACO locations.

"This step has been necessary for some time. The consolidation of our heterogeneous database structures prompted us to take our leave of our existing stand-alone solutions in the field of production data acquisition and production control, which we would like to use in future to map using the new ERP system", says managing director Stephan Geiger.

Decision-making process

Focus on technical aspects and solution competency

Application benefits

Effective multi-channel distribution: all the orders via a central interface

The new solution represented the existing MEVACO process structures virtually 1:1 here. Only distribution was separated from the ERP when the existing system was replaced: This is because redundant processes developed for online and offline sales when the online channels were extended and the online shops were introduced and these needed to be maintained and programmed in parallel. Because the sales staff will now store their configurations and orders in the backend of the Magento shop as well, VlexPlus can take over all the distribution orders automatically via just one interface, thus rendering the downstream MEVACO processes clearly easier to handle.

Effective production and intercompany control

MEVACO, as a customer-oriented company, promises its customers delivery of not yet manufactured goods within four days. To meet this guarantee of delivery, MEVACO will dynamically adjust the sequence of manufacturing orders depending on urgency and the order list will be provided with a traffic light functionality. Since control of manufacturing was still based on an Excel list until 2015 and needed to be laboriously transferred to the then proALPHA system by hand, process control, planning and scheduling tended to be enormously challenging.

The integration of manufacturing control into VlexPlus has now permanently obviated this workaround and its sources or errors and synchronisation effort, offering staff real time planning and clearly reduced effort and more transparency. A specifically programmed interface now allows dispatch to be consistently handled via VlexPlus also.

“The most important improvement to our processes, however, apart from the now integrated manufacturing control, is the opportunity to handle our complex intercompany processes fully via VlexPlus. We have since then managed to significantly reduce the effort of financial accounting between the distribution companies and the main client, sustainably reducing the workload on our administration across all locations”, sums up Stephan Geiger. Almost 30 users have been working with the new system since 2015, in virtually all departments of the company. In addition, the local tax consultants in Poland and Italy are also making use of a version of the system adapted in their language. In a further expansion stage, the solution portfolio at MEVACO - using the VlexPlus Connector interface - was expanded to include a document management or enterprise content management solution.

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What the customer says


“Not only does VlexPlus simplify our manufacturing control sustainably, but integrated operational data capture and consistent processes offer us a 360° overview of our orders and processes.”

Stephan Geiger

Managing Director