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VlexPlus ERP software
Consistent variant management for your individual product configurations

Handle any customer requirement with infinite variants in the ERP system. Because the customer is king, today more than ever. Raise your process to the next level. Tailored to users’ needs and profiting from many years of experience in variant production.

VlexPlus ERP software: Consistent variant management for your individual product configuration

Your requests, our solution.

VlexPlus was exclusively designed to meet the demands of individual production, production to order and variant manufacturing. Regardless of the challenges you face, we are always willing to be of assistance.

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Is customisation, and thus maximum flexibility, an issue for you?
Do your products have a complex design and do they need to be configured?
Is your manufacturing process characterised by small series production? Does that sound familiar to you?
Do you wish to show every last detail of the product master data?
You would prefer not having to create a new parts list for every change, no matter how small.
Do you intend to assist your users in configuring their user interfaces?
Do you place your bets on state-of-the-art Web-based technology?
VlexPlus ERP – Kundeneinfluss

VlexPlus ERP

Customer influence

VlexPlus will open up infinite possibilities - not only to you as producer

but also to your customers.

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VlexPlus ERP – Kundeneinfluss

VlexPlus ERP


VlexPlus ERP will allow you to make customised adjustments.

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VlexPlus ERP – Konfiguration

VlexPlus ERP


VlexPlus offers you not only the necessary structural integration across all process levels

but also a sophisticated and transversal rules system.

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VlexPlus ERP – Losgröße 1

VlexPlus ERP

Lot size of 1

The ability to satisfy individual customer demands in a quick

effective and commercially sound manner delivers a clear competitive advantage.

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VlexPlus ERP – Produktstammdaten

VlexPlus ERP

Product master data

Although most ERP and PPS systems in the market map variants modifying master data

demanding variant processes often lack consistency across all processes.

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VlexPlus ERP – Minimierung

VlexPlus ERP


The VlexPlus configuration principle will reduce your data administration and variant management effort to ensure effective master data management - even as your number of variants grow.

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VlexPlus ERP – Benutzerfreundlichkeit

VlexPlus ERP

User friendliness

Users will accept only solutions that are easy to learn and simple to use

thus also accelerating your processes in the ERP system.

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VlexPlus ERP – Investitionssicherheit

VlexPlus ERP

Safe investment

VlexPlus offers companies and users a maintenance-free

highly ergonomic Web client with full desktop functionality

requiring no installation

applets or plugins.

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About VlexPlus ERP

Interface-free ERP business software with variant logic

VlexPlus is all about its “V” as in Variants. VlexPlus is a cloud-capable ERP software that uses state-of-the-art Web technologies to ensure that the balancing act between production management flexibility and process efficiency is optimal. Variant management has been deeply integrated into VlexPlus to ensure that all the processes related with configuration, planning, production and distribution of widely ranging article variants will remain under strict control. This will at all times offer you overviews over the technical feasibility of variants, their cost and when they will be ready to ship.

Why VlexPlus ERP?

Why VlexPlus ERP?

VlexPlus ERP
VlexPlus offers you not only the necessary structural integration across all process levels, but also a sophisticated and transversal rules system to guarantee flexibility and reliability of your planning and production.
VlexPlus ERP
Base products may be very easily and reliably configured based on their general and specific individual properties, for effective use in all related sales, purchasing and production processes.
VlexPlus ERP
VlexPlus offers trend-setting variant logic spanning all levels ranging from pricing sales, purchasing, manufacturing and down to financial control. Manufacturers will now be able to prevent high set-up costs, wrong delivery times, deviations between pre- and post-pricing, faulty design or complex data maintenance from degrading their daily business to crisis management.
VlexPlus ERP
This underlying configuration principle with base products, features and characteristics reduces the effort of data maintenance and variant management to guarantee effective master data management by bundling thousands of article variants into just a few base products, even in the face of ever-increasing variants.

The ERP VlexPlus software allows variant manufacturers to perfectly co-ordinate sales, construction, manufacture and financial control without losing their overview of planning, control and monitoring of complex ordering and manufacturing processes.

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To the references and success stories

Digitization of manufacturing and organizational structures

“With this change in our system, we have created the basis for the digitization of our production and organisational structures.”

VlexPlus ERP – Ulrich Weisshaupt

Ulrich Weishaupt

REISS Büromöbel GmbH

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Sustainable improvement with an all-round view

“Not only does VlexPlus simplify long-term production control; it also offers us a 360° view of our orders and processes, thanks to an integrated and continuous production data acquisition process.”

VlexPlus ERP – Stephan Geiger

Stephan Geiger


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Flexible and efficient configuration process

“With the help of the integrated VlexPlus configurator, we can now manage doors and gates for each customer with a simple mouse click.”

VlexPlus ERP – Roland Kaiser

Roland Kaiser

TBS Torbau Schwaben GmbH

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All round satisfaction …

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Services with added value

Every enterprise in the manufacturing industry is unique - and processes, tracking systems and challenges also differ. VLEX offers you comprehensive competency across industries, good protection of your investment and high-performance variant solutions – all under one roof.