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Batch size 1 in the crosshairs

Despite the growing importance of customer orientation, special requests remain a huge challenge to many companies, because Batch size 1 demands a lot of organisational flexibility in terms of manufacturing, logistics and especially controlling software. SWINGpps is the solution to Batch size 1. The topic of variants was a priority even at the stage of design and development of the solution. Millions of variants may be managed after creating the basic product using of lean basic data administration and variant management.


Implementing individual customer requests fast, up-to-date, economically and efficiently

Today, more than ever, companies must stay competitive, address individual customer demands and supply products tailored to their needs.

Many of the conventional ERP systems have reached their limits. In SWINGpps, the thus arising problems are solved by making minor changes and supplementing the variant logic (product properties, values, configuration rules). Apart from SWINGpps processes, linked external systems and/or machines are also variably controlled.

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Focussing on the sector

The SWINGpps functionalities cover precisely those areas which are often problematic with customised products. Checks whether a product is feasible to produce are, for instance, already carried out at the order capturing stage.

Based on a modular system, SWINGpps will compile concrete parts lists and working schedules with exact measurements, colours, etc. for each product. No describing text. To find a concrete price already when capturing an order, basic prices given in the product master are complemented with surcharges and discounts for materials, paints, etc. Options to evaluate and analyse are another important aspect. The topic of variants, descriptive product properties and check-outs are important issues in this field.

SWINGpps is powerful in the following sectors!

  • Variant manufacturers
    • Doors, gates, frames
    • Office furniture and accessories
    • Special equipment, tools
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Future-proof creation of your IT landscape

Mature IBM System-i platform technology ensures that SWINGpps is reliable, stable and secure. Not only does this save on the cost of system roll-out and upgrades, it also offers you a high degree of security. Apart from the classic 5250 user interface, SWINGpps is also available as a .NET based Windows interface. SWINGpps is an integrative platform for the entire IT structure and may be individually adapted or linked to special software.

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