Business Intelligence

See your business in a completely new light

Qlik Business Discovery platform will consolidate your data from various sources, such as Excel, ERP/CRM systems, a data warehouse or a Web-based platform. And this is achieved via a single application to examine relationships between your data, because joint decision making absolutely requires a secure and updated data base. Your next step is a state-of-the-art, visual form of presentation. The data thus acquired can be directly analysed using dynamic applications or dashboards and displayed on state-of-the-art end devices, independent of location – innovative decision making on the highest level.

Data, Facts, Figures

Room for your intuition ... act, don’t react

Imagine a data analysis solution so intuitive that anyone in the company can easily compile personalised reports and dynamic dashboards - to gain important insights even from huge volumes of data. This is Qlik – a revolutionary application making possible self-service data visualisation and data discovery for individuals, teams and companies. With Qlik you may in the wink of an eye compile visualisations, analyse data down to detail level, find relationships and, from any perspective, discover your options.

The future is now

All functionalities – anywhere and at any time with Qlik

A completely new way of accessing mobile business intelligence information everywhere and at all times. You may kick off immediately - no need for extensive training. Simply use the touchscreen to touch, zoom into, compile and directly analyse your data. This enables you to stay in touch with your business transactions everywhere and at all times - and improve your decision-making. Also on the road, browser-based, on all conventional terminals – as well as on iPad & Co. – and everything 24/7 – user-friendly and secure.

Producers – Dealers – Service providers

Everyone wants it!

Our customers work in the most diverse of regions and industries. Companies are deploying the software connecting departments and systems. Be it Distribution, Production, Purchasing/Procurement, Warehousing, Service/Technology, Accounting/Controlling or in eCommerce, Business Intelligence functions have become the competitive edge needed by every department of the company. The easy-to-use, efficient Qlik business discovery platform opens up completely new insights into corporate data. Decision makers on all levels of the company are in a position to respond to events immediately and take informed action.

Integration into the ERP world

Acquisition and analysis of information is not a one-way street

Business Discovery enables users to share and evaluate relevant data individually or in working groups and across departments. A comments function and secure provisioning of information in work areas enable joint assessment of results. No-one, including the user, can predict which business aspects he/she needs to analyse and the questions that may arise. Business Discovery platforms enable staff to compile data to satisfy continuously changing requirements and to render these in graphic form to present findings in more comprehensible ways. The use of such information is, however, quite limited unless it can be captured in an existing ERP system, via another open platform or corporate networks for further editing and processing by these applications!

Apart from providing standard statistics or so-called cockpits in our ERP solutions VlexPlus, UPOS and SWINGpps for query functions of all kinds, we have at Vlex also fully integrated our Qlik technology based Business Intelligence solution VlexView. Sector-specific Cubes are available for the business areas Distribution, Purchasing/ Procurement, Warehousing, Production and Financials. Customised extension of existing query patterns is possible at all times.


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