Mobile business apps according to individual needs

VLEX extends service portfolio with individual app development free of programming

Mobile access to company data in real time is today a routine part of everyday business life for many companies. In order to ensure smooth workflows within the company’s own work environment, a high level of information and process transparency, short decision-making paths and fast response times are required. The ERP specialist for variant-oriented business software VLEXsoftware+consulting gmbh is now extending its range of services to include the development of mobile business apps which – as a modular system based on the technology platform engomo – can be tailored to the individual requirements of its customers without any programming effort

VLEX’s mobile solution portfolio already includes apps and cockpit solutions for individual sales and material requirement forecasts, resource management, business intelligence evaluations and commercial reporting. “In many companies, teams and employees still have a very limited ability to act and provide information outside their own office walls – at the expense of company productivity and the quality of their own work processes. As a sparring partner for digital business processes, we want to give companies the opportunity to expand their mobile solution portfolio quickly, demand-oriented and cost-effectively. With an attractive service package from conception and development to data integration and provision of mobile end solutions, we support our customers in improving the cooperation of employees inside and outside the office and in increasing productivity along all value-adding processes,” explains Thomas Feike, Head of Sales + Marketing at VLEXsoftware+consulting gmbh.

“ERP to go” – Your office-in-a-pocket

The mobile VLEX apps can also be developed and operated independently of VlexPlus ERP. In conjunction with VlexPlus ERP and other ERP solutions, VLEX apps create the basis for a company-wide “virtualized workforce” to optimize information flows regardless of location and systems used, and to make more effective use of resources. The innovative add-on infrastructure of VlexPlus also makes it easy to expand partner solutions and other apps into a fully release-capable, web-based and mobile ERP system.

Business apps as a modular system

The fields of application for business apps today are many and varied – from mobile data collection to sales and service cockpits through to project management and key figure analysis. However, the development of apps according to individual requirements has so far often failed due to the complexity of the programming, lack of know-how, technical conditions or simply for budget reasons.

With VLEX and the modular system of its technology partner engomo, the implementation of individual business apps is no longer a complex undertaking but can be built from scratch in just a few days using preconfigured logic and routines. VLEX offers two development models for this purpose:

» Development of the business apps by VLEX ERP specialists, adapted to specific company requirements and integrated into the existing system landscape.
» Training by VLEX specialists on site at the customer’s premises, so that the business apps can be set up and developed without any programming effort. 

Added value from VLEX business apps

The data and processes are transmitted from the upstream systems via future-oriented interfaces and web services in real time and visualized for further processing. “Multiple data sources can also be combined within an app and a single view, such as JDBC, ODBC, REST web service or SOAP. But other apps such as telephone, mail or maps can also be seamlessly integrated into the user’s own mobile application in order to extend the application areas to other user profiles”, says engomo managing director Jens Stier. Existing rights and role concepts can be integrated as well as user-related content or documents in PDF, Word, Excel and image formats. All configured business apps can be run natively on iOS, Android or Windows 10 and are available on-premise or in the cloud


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