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ERP software for batch size 1 production

Automated implementation of individual customer requirements with VlexPlus

While competition for “off-the-shelf” products is becoming increasingly fierce in global e-commerce, customised manufacturing still holds out the promise of attractive growth potential for industrial companies. However, individual special requests in terms of colours, materials, dimensions, surface finishes or equipment options are posing increasingly complex challenges to manufacturers using conventional ERP systems.

Batch size 1 production – Demands on the ERP system

Nowadays, it is not only industrial companies in series production that are adopting a broader approach in order to improve their competitiveness and meet customer demands for individualised products. However, the partial changeover to small batch production, variant production, make-to-order or one-off production entails higher demands on the ERP software – especially since customers today are less and less willing to accept higher costs and longer delivery times for individualised products.

Decreasing the batch size down to one increases the complexity of the processes across the entire order process: Sales, design, production and controlling must be able to foresee at an early stage whether this or that variant requested by the customer is technically feasible, in what time frame it can be realised and whether it is at all profitable in terms of overall commercial costs. In variant-oriented production, the products with the characteristics and characteristic values requested by the customer are often not yet created, i.e. it must be possible to generate master data including product descriptions, parts lists, routings and price calculations automatically in the order process.

VlexPlus ERP – The smart solution for batch size 1 production

The only way to cope with increasing process complexity, shorter production cycles and growing data maintenance efforts in the ERP system is through smart configuration rules, consistent variant management and automated data management. The ERP system VlexPlus closes this gap and helps industrial companies take a step towards profitable customised production up to batch size 1 by automating the more complex configuration, calculation, procurement and manufacturing processes.

VlexPlus ERP: Efficient order processing and production control with 3D-capable variant configurator

The VlexPlus ERP software was designed specifically to enable manufacturing companies to process orders for customised product variants quickly, transparently and, above all, cost-effectively. At the heart of the VlexPlus ERP system is a 3D-capable variant configurator in conjunction with an easy-to-use set of configuration rules that extends across all levels of the order process. With its end-to-end variant configurator, VlexPlus also supports the entire planning, control and monitoring of manufacturing processes in order to optimise the costs, complexity and quality of the processes.

By consolidating the article master data via characteristics and characteristic values and combining them into a few basic articles, VlexPlus reduces the maintenance effort for article master data, parts lists, routings and price calculations many times over. At the same time, the intelligent configuration and data management routines ensure a high degree of automation in the interaction between sales, production and logistics.

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Why choose VlexPlus as your ERP system for batch size 1 production?

  • VlexPlus simplifies product customisation and manufacturing according to customer requirements – from small batches to batch size 1 – and ensures the work steps are performed with the necessary efficiency and automation in the background. VlexPlus allows you to plan, control and monitor your entire value chain, both transparently and digitally throughout – without media discontinuity and with rule-based variant management.

    • Lean Production
      VlexPlus ensures maximum process efficiency in the implementation of individual customer requirements across all areas of the operational value chain, all the way to the shop floor.
    • Digital processes between industry and trade
      All variant-specific details such as master data, prices, images or descriptions can be generated fully automatically from catalogues of specialised trade partners.
    • Smart data management
      Automated data management ensures convenient handling of configuration conditions, article master data, parts lists and routings.
    • End-to-end product configurator
      Comprehensive plausibility checks and a flexible, easy-to-use set of rules ensure reliable handling of complex configuration conditions as well as interface-free data and variant management.
    • 360° planning
      Individually definable calculation and simulation tools that take into account all available materials, machines and production resources ensure reliable profitability assessment and dependable delivery dates.
    • Cutting-edge app and web technologies
      By using cloud and app-enabled web technologies, automated data exchange with machine and third-party systems (IoT) and cross-system process orientation, manufacturers are ideally equipped for the digital future.