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ERP system for wood processing
Customisation is key

Wood, as a crafting and building material, is in vogue. System providers are more than ever in demand in the wood supply chain. From small batches to batch size 1: VlexPlus supports the mapping of specific product features to suit customer demands. VlexPlus ensures that the required efficiency and automation of work steps will be achieved.

Meeting the special demands of the wood processing chain.

VlexPlus meets the stringent demands of work processes in the woodworking value-added chain - even in the often-found context of meticulously planned production across multiple sites.

Efficient data management and smart variant management

ERP system for the timber industry / wood-based materials industry

These days, wood represents a central building block in the value-added chain behind the construction industry. Not only because of its immense economic importance as a woodworking and building material, but also because it is setting the trend as a renewable, climate-positive raw material. Wood is very versatile and has a positive ecological footprint.

As structural timber, sawn timber, façade/profile timber, timber frames for supporting structures, as insulating material,… to name but a few of its uses. The popular properties of wood such as compressive strength, durability and elasticity, and its contribution to our healthier climate and living conditions will increasingly be the determining factors for business and home applications.

Since customers demand that wood expresses individuality and personality, system providers along the wood supply chain are now more in demand than ever. Processing of raw timber into planks, semi-finished and finished products undergo many sequential and parallel production steps. The many different types of wood, their individual characteristics, or the assembly of individual third-party components such as fittings, connecting elements, or building materials must all be taken into account.

Making this possible in termsof efficiency and cost-effectiveness will require not only flexible and consistent configuration logic, but also networked production processes and intelligent control of processing steps, compliant with the Industry 4.0 model. VlexPlus ERP provides you with sustainable support in your processes.

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Industry solution for furniture manufacturers: VlexPlus ERP software
Industry solution for furniture manufacturers

Industry solution for furniture manufacturers: VlexPlus ERP software

Thanks to consistent variant logic, furniture manufacturers and furniture dealers can always oversee which options can be technically implemented, what the costs are and when they can be delivered. Variant management has been deeply integrated in all commercial areas of VlexPlus ERP, making the ERP software the basis for safe investment and a customer-oriented, future-proof company. Furniture manufacturers can face the future into the digital age with secure investment thanks to the use of state of the art Web technologies, 40 years of industry expertise and a global partner network.

VlexPlus is all about variants. As a widely acclaimed ERP software and industry solution, VlexPlus sustainably renders handling of variant data, workplans and parts lists easier for furniture manufacturers whilst also meeting special customer requirements with a high degree of automation.

These individual characteristics must be taken into account in many processes. Starting with configuration and sales, project management, procurement, and storage, to quoting and invoicing, production, transport planning / logistics and tracking. Integrated workflows across the entire value chain are a must.

Depending on the area of application, the workflows are to be geared towards the use of specific metal add-on parts, fasteners, glues, prongs, hardeners, or different types of coatings or pigments. Large quantities of by-products will in addition be produced in the course of wood processing or woodworking. These may be further processed as complementary products with different sorting classes or used for the company's internal energy generation.

The VlexPlus ERP software was developed especially for the complex requirements of the timber industry. Not only is data exchange along the processing chain fully transparent and integrated. The software solution also enables customisation to meet customer demands, without sacrificing the necessary automation and work step efficiency. VlexPlus meets the stringent demands of work processes in the timber processing value-added chain, even when dealing with meticulously planned production across multiple sites.

In this way, you can ensure the efficiency of your entire process organization while retaining full control of your processes as regards to the configuration,planning and distribution of your different product variants at all times.

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Software solution for the timber industry: VlexPlus ERP

Material procurement (e.g., log purchasing), design and construction (CAD/CAM), woodworking (CNC milling, planning, coating, assembly, finishing, etc.), planning and optimisation of wood cutting, and production planning / automatic control are intrinsic factors of company competitiveness in the timber and wood-based materials industry.

The key to positive marginal returns lies in consistently networked order processing: from the configuration of sales processes to consistent, rule-based variant management, together with capacity control and order-related planning of transport orders.

The Consistent variant logic of VlexPlus’ ERP industry solution allows companies in the process chain to remain aware of their technically implementable options, the associated costs and possible delivery times. Variant management has in this respect been deeply integrated into all the commercial areas, thereby creating a strong ERP software foundation for your investment-securecustomer-oriented and sustainable company.

VlexPlus’ solution for the wood processing industry will assist wood processors in planning, controlling and monitoring their entire value-added chain,transparently and seamlessly without media interruptions. State-of-the-art web technologies, more than 40 years of industry expertise and an international partner network allow us to equip companies in the timber industry for an investment-secure future in the digital age.



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