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Furniture manufacturer Mauser reorganises processes to achieve improved customer orientation

Mauser Sitzkultur is a globally successful manufacturer of innovative office and system furniture headquartered in Twistetal, North Hesse. With a distribution network of ca. 50 dealers across Europe, the company supplies, among other, major facilities such as convention centres and trade fairs, concert and multi-purpose halls, sports arenas and other event centres.

Initial situation

Old ERP system prevented efficient, customer-oriented manufacturing

“Year by year, our customers asked about additional variants of our range of office furniture – more colours, a wider selection of surface materials, different components, etc. Our legacy software was very limited and hardly managed the presentation and production of our increasingly complex product range”, explained Udo Kluwe, Project leader of the EDP team and Sascha Lehmann (EDP Head) at Mauser Sitzkultur.

“Necessary workarounds increasingly affected efficiencies of procurement, logistics and production, since the system could not reliably simulate the processes and workflows. The system could not, for instance, detect and eliminate wrong configurations. Had the system then indicated a requirement for external components during production, these would have been directly ordered and delivered, although not actually needed. Inadmissible combinations could also not be detected by our old system”, says Udo Kluwe, citing an example. These factors convinced Mauser Sitzkultur that their legacy system needs to be replaced with a new, variant-oriented ERP system.

Decision-making process

Focus on state-of-the-art, price/performance ratio and variant competency

Mauser Sitzkultur finally found only one product convincing: the newly developed industry solution VlexPlus based on Comarch ERP Enterprise. Udo Kluwe and Sascha Lehmann agree: “VlexPlus was the only software that perfectly mastered and consistently represented variant logic. The other solution providers could by far not compete – neither in respect of modern Web architecture and the form of presentation, nor in respect of in-depth functionality and the implementation of variant methodologies. In our view, the quality VlexPlus offers is unique. Renowned references and the price/performance ratio were also instrumental to our order placement.

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Application benefits

Better resource utilisation and higher efficient production

The VlexPlus ERP system went live at Mauser Sitzkultur within four months after the initial workshop. It is used, among other, in the Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Sales, Dispo, Marketing and Service departments.

Mauser Sitzkultur is enjoying the benefits of the new system: VlexPlus allows the free description and editing of all product properties and product types as needed. The ability to modify all jobs at any time and to re-assign already pre-fabricated or ordered components translates to better utilisation of all the resources and to clearly more efficient production. Savings are also achieved in terms of warehouse logistics thanks to variant-oriented storage and removal from storage.