Furniture manufacturer Signet relies on VlexPlus ERP software in the Cloud

“Furniture made in Germany” – this statement is everyday reality at Signet Wohnmöbel GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in the Lichtenfels district in Upper Franconia. This family-run business, founded more than 20 years ago as a small production facility in an old shoe factory, has today grown into a globally successful manufacturer of modern, top quality designer furniture with high vertical integration and a character of functionality. The product portfolio ranges from sofa beds via suites, couches, chairs, stools to accompanying accessories. The company has a staff contingent of 75 and occupies a production hall of more than 2 400 square meters. In its production, the company expressly relies on its own network, comprising of regional manufacturers and selected suppliers.

Initial situation

ERP system at the limit of its capacities

The furniture manufacturer’s comprehensive range, its lack of flexibility in production and growing customer demands pushed the previous system to the limits of its ability. In 2010, Management therefore decided to replace the old and inconsistent system, which had grown and become administratively complex over the years, with a state-of-the-art, Web-based and flexible “next generation” ERP system.

Decision-making process

Management convinced through Web technology and continuous variant logic

“We are not IT specialists and don’t intend to turn into such. Our company needs ERP software and an experienced project partner to support us in our daily business, taking the hassle of IT administration off our hands and allowing us to fully focus on our core business. Up-to-date, flexible down to the individual customers and transparent across all processes – these are the decisive competitive factors in our business these days.

Our previous system could no longer meet these demands, even with substantial additional investments. We were looking for a "Next-Generation-ERP", which we soon found in VlexPlus”, says Carola Klimke, General Manager of Signet. "The comprehensive and overarching variant logic, the Web-based Semiramis technology and the positive project experiences with VLEXsoftware+consulting gmbh were the decisive arguments in favour of our investment decision."

Carola Klimke

What the customer says

“With VlexPlus, we found precisely what our IT heart desired: VLEXsoftware+consulting gmbh as our experienced long term project partner, state-of-the-art and trendsetting technology and a consistent variant logic software - indispensable to us in the production of our upholstered furniture. We can also use VlexPlus on demand and have at all times the option of aligning our solutions to suit our actual requirements. We don’t need to create our own IT infrastructure or employ own IT staff, we don’t need high capital commitments for licensing or hardware and the running cost of operations remain constant and can be budgeted for. VlexPlus allows us to focus fully on the development, manufacture and sales of top quality furniture”
Carola Klimke
Management Board member